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Commercial Engineering Jacksonville

Do you need help in determining whether a commercial building is structurally sound?

From a building plan evaluation to a full property assessment, we take pride in our responsiveness for a wide range of commercial engineering services. With over twenty years of experience, the structural engineers at Lucas & Scott understand that no two commercial buildings are alike. That's why our focus supports your specific needs for permit requirements, dispute resolutions, diagnostics, problem solving, feasibility studies, maintenance budgeting, due diligence inspections and lender/owner certifications. Since structural problems rarely stabilize, a swift response will typically lead to the lowest repair costs thus minimizing the loss of property value.

There are many reasons for a building to show signs of structural stress and some discrepancies fall within the tolerances as established by accepted engineering standards. However, others may be an early indicator of a more serious underlying problem that will likely worsen over time. When the integrity of a structure is in question, we engineer reliable answers based on our technical expertise and experience gained from hundreds of previous projects. Our Jacksonville commercial engineering firm routinely provides structural damage assessments for a variety of building types to include: shopping centers, office complexes, retail buildings, lodging facilities, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, schools, light industrial complexes, resort facilities, maintenance buildings, multi-family duplexes, churches and architecturally-significant historic buildings.

At Lucas & Scott, we don't believe in "over designing" a solution. That's why our structural engineers are always willing to meet you in the field to determine the most cost-effective approach to your problem. Call us today at 904-260-2690; or use our website's Quick Contact form for a prompt reply.